Custom Badges on Woozas!

Custom Badges

- Easy Tutorial

- No subscription bullshit (It's free)

- Create as many badges as you want

- Available on all Wooza servers

Be part of the colorful Badge Community

At first, you want to be perfect, At second youu want to be a part of the community. Amd at third, you want to simple find your name in the score board

General information: Badges are updated once a week, if you can't wait that long, write Wooza on Steam or Discord a message. Also we don't accept Badges that are made by UWE

How you can use it

Be Part of the colorful badge community

We like to celebrate holidays and actualize important topics! Therefore we make free badges for the whole community

Seasonal Free Badges

Seasonal Badges (Easter-, Summer-, Halloween-, Christmas badges) will be given out to all NS2 players.

How you can use it

How To create your own custom badge

Step 1 Be creative!

Create an image (or use one from the Internet) with the dimension of 32x32px. You may save the picture as .png, .dds or .psd. Others are not supported. You can use Paint.NET for free and Paint.NET also offers you to save your badge directly as .dds file (Choose DXT5 format when saving).

Step 3 Convert your STEAM ID into NS2 ID

You will have a Steam ID that looks like this: STEAM_0:0:1234567 or STEAM_0:1:1234567. When your ID starts with 0:0, use this formula: 1234567 *2.

Else if your ID starts with 0:1, use this formula: 1234567 * 2 + 1.

Step 2 Find out your STEAM ID

Visit this link http://steamidfinder.com/ and paste your Steam Profile URL. Note the result.

Step 4 Send an email

Send an email to badges@apheriox.com:

1. Type "Custom Badge" followed by your NS2 ID in the subject field (If it's not the first time sending patches or badges, then please add the word "Update" behind the NS2 ID); Example Subject: Custom Badge 2469134

2. Attach your custom patch picture file to the email ( example: chicken.dds).

When done, practice patience until we add it to the servers (Updates are done once a week). If you sent multiple badges, you can switch between them in-game, by hitting escape key -> "Customize Player". On bottom left will be a menu to select the patches). If you have any questions or problems when creating a badge, feel free to contact us on Discord.

How you can use custom badges

You must be connected to one of a Wooza server (Apheriox). Open "customize player" from main menu and click on the button "Manage Badges" on the left side. You will find a preview of your badges. Simply drag a badge and drop it next to your name. You can easily change your badges as well or hide them

Shoulder Patches Tutorial

You may check out the Custom Shoulder Patches as well. The process is the same. Click here for the tutorial.